About Kerron

For over 20 years, Kerron (MSW, 2002) has provided progressive child welfare leadership in New York; Vice President for Community Based Programs, ANDRUS (current); Director of Child Welfare Services, Westchester County Department of Social Services; Borough Deputy Director of Field Operations, Child Protective Manager and Supervisor Level II, New York City Administration for Children’s Services

Recipient of numerous professional awards (most recently, Franklin H. Williams Judicial Commission 2012 Diversity Award); Kerron is an expert strategic planner, problem-solver, team leader and advocate. As Westchester DSS Director of Child Welfare, she successfully led transformative initiatives, including Family Assessment Response Model to reduce disparities in child welfare services and Undoing Racism workshops that trained 280 staff, community partners and family court attorneys.


What Kerron’s colleagues have to say:

Margarita Marriaga – International Child Welfare Advocate & Consultant

“Kerron is a dynamic leader that dedicates herself to improving the lives of children and families. She leads with integrity, vision and perseverance. Her strategic planning abilities are critical to the advancement of child protective services. The Family Assessment Response (FAR) program and Undoing Racism Workshops in Westchester County are examples of her tenacity. Her work serves as a model for local and national child welfare programming to reduce disproportionate minority representation. With all of this, she still finds time to be a dependable team player that actively supports the vision and mission of others.”

– Margarita worked directly with Kerron at Westchester County Department of Social Services

Nancy Travers- Independent Government Administration Professional

“Kerron is an inspirational leader who pays attention both to big-picture issues as well as the important day-to-day details. She motivated a demoralized staff at the same time she dramatically improved the outcomes most important to Child Welfare work. I recommend her unconditionally.”

– Nancy managed Kerron at Westchester County Department of Social Services

Dorothy Alicea, Retired Executive Director of Quality Assurance

“Having observed Kerron grow professionally for over a decade, I can say that she is a bright, articulate, hard-working leader and child welfare advocate. Not only is she a keen administrator who is aware of significant trends, she is a social work professional who is focused on best practice and purposeful reform. She has made considerable impact on regional child protection and child welfare concerns in New York.”

– Dorothy managed Kerron at NYC Administration for Children’s Services

3 thoughts on “About Kerron

  1. Margarita Marriaga


    I love the website. It is light and inviting which is no easy task given your courageous focus on the daunting issues faced by the children and families in our communities. Without minimizing the hard work that needs to be done, you enthuse unity, productive reflection, responsibility and mobilization. Please know that you can count on my support for this brave movement. With perseverance and commitment we find opportunities under difficulty and overcome the challenges we face. I look forward to it. The privilege is mine.

    Margarita Marriaga

  2. Diaon Clarke,LCSW

    Congratulations on all your recent success. I am excited about your decision to run for President Elect. Your leadership throughout the years has produced great change and had a profound effect on children’s services. I wish you all the best and hope you are appointed to the position. As I know you will do an amazing job. Since you clearly excel at everything you put your mind and energy into.


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